Modern Day Heresy

Have the burning times stopped?

The earth is flat.

The earth is the center of the universe.

The sun is the center of the universe.

A Big bio-chemical Bang created the universe.

The universe was created by God.
People have died for the sin of dispute, and for the revelations of natural science. Burnt at the stake, tortured and imprisoned, those on the leading edge of science were at risk. Are these events only tales of long ago times, times when people were vastly more ignorant, less knowledgable and tolerant than we re today? Has much changed? Or is it that modern day people believe without question the pronouncements of science the way people use to believe the pronouncements of religious leaders?
Lets see. The heart is a pump. Look in any high school biology book or medical text.
The heart is a pump that pumps blood through  the body.
I propose that this is the first stumbling block to an understanding of the heart and its connection to learning and education. What does it take to confront a thing that we think we know, something basic and irrefutable? I propose that we have to turn our habitual thinking inside out and start from a fresh perspective. I believe that an integrated approach to research is the very tool for this purpose.